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Plans for Poughkeepsie's Waterfront

There have been several studies and planning efforts to reimagine Poughkeepsie's waterfront.  While some of the ideas included in the documents below have been realized in whole or part, many of them have not.  The Poughkeepsie Riverfront Partnership aims to support the implementation of these revitalization efforts to realize our vision of an accessible, vibrant riverfront destination for all.

2012 Poughkeepsie Waterfront - Main Street Corridor Action Plan

This study is perhaps one of the most visionary efforts to reimagine the waterfront. It includes Project for Public Space's "placemaking" approach and thoughtfully offers programming and design to guide future waterfront development.  This report inspires much of our thinking about what Poughkeepsie's riverfront could and should be in the future.  Think of kayak launches, concerts, amphitheaters, winter activities, river pools, and much more.  If you click on nothing else on this page, click below!

PPS Placemaking report photo.png

2015 Waterfront Revitalization Strategy


This study reviewed the northern portion of the city's waterfront and offered suggestions for connecting the waterfront to the rest of the city.  It also included public engagement, which revealed many residents would like to see walking paths, fishing areas, outdoor performance areas, boating and kayak launches, and commercial development.  It also revealed community preferences that economic development be focused on commercial businesses, rather than residential development.

2015 Waterfront Strategy photo.png
2013 public workshop photo.png

2016 Kaal Rock connector study

Kaal Rock currently separates the waterfront into two parts- northern and southern.  Creating a continuous walkway along the waterfront has long been a goal for the Poughkeepsie community and would help draw bicycle and pedestrian traffic to the waterfront.  This study was commissioned to determine how to connect the northern waterfront, including Waryas Park and the base of Main Street, to the southern waterfront, including Kaal Rock Park and the DeLaval site. Several options were studied, although none have yet been implemented.  Click below for more information on the study.

Kaal Rock Connector photo.png
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