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Deadline Approaching for City of Poughkeepsie Residents

The June 7th deadline to submit all responses and thoughts to the two RFEIs submitted to the city is fast approaching.

Over the past few weeks, the City of Poughkeepsie had called for RFEIs for the old DeLaval Site on the river front. Two were submitted last week. The City has asked for all residents to speak up! To tell them what they think of the two RFEIs and if either of them stay in line with the goal of the city of Poughkeepsie: to create more community-centered places for residents.

June 7 is the deadline and the email address to send in your thoughts and interests is

Please take a moment to review the plans and submit an email. As a community, we have to rise up together to make sure that our community is being served what is best of our Queen City.



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